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Marketing Research Course Outline Essays

Marketing Research Course Outline Essays Marketing Research Course Outline Essay Marketing Research Course Outline Essay Course Outline MARKETING RESEARCH 1. COURSE OBJECTIVE The main objective of this course is to inculcate research acumen by imparting, skills sets required to conduct research in the area of marketing and consumer behaviour. The course contains the methodical theories, procedures and tools / techniques required for carrying out research in various functional areas of the organization. Also, it tries to imbibe basics of statistical software package SPSS among the students to make them good in analyzing and interpreting the problem under study. . PEDAGOGY The course will focus on both individual and group learning. Class discussion, lectures and presentations thereof, and a project will be some of the learning methods. 3. TEXT BOOK 1. Naresh K. Malhotra, Marketing Research: An applied orientation. New Delhi: Pearson Education Asia. Reference 2. Nargundkar, R. 2008 . Marketing Research: Text Cases. 3rd edition, New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill. 5. Session Plan Sessions| Topics| 1-3| Introduc tion to MR- classification of MR, MR process, Nature, introduction to SPSS 14. software in research| 4-6| Research Design – Definition, classification of research-exploratory, descriptive, causal research, Emphasis on exploratory research and primary data collection using Qualitative and Quantitative methods, Survey and Observation techniques. | 7-8| Measurement and scaling – Types of scales (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio) and scale evaluation techniques (reliability and validity)| 8-10| Developing Questionnaire – Definition and process in depth| 11-13| Sampling – Definition, size, unit, etc. classification of sampling- probability and non-probability techniques | 14-16| Data collection, preparation, analysis and reporting – tabulating, hypothesizing, testing (chi-square, correlation, regression), interpreting and analyzing etc. , | 17, 18| Guest lectures and presentations| 19-23| Real time research based on the classroom learning. | * Dates wi ll be announced during the progress of the course.

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Money and happiness in the attachment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Money and happiness in the attachment - Essay Example The paradox was mainly used to support the argument that a general increase in economical growth by a country, would not necessarily result in increased satisfaction levels by its citizenry (Leonhardt 2008). The argument supported by this paradox, was further supported by research that happened to prove that during the resultant aftermath that followed soon after World War II ended, the economy of Japan underwent a rather significant boom with the general economy’s output growing by an average of about sevenfold between the years ranging between 1950 an 1970. This staggering economical growth caused Japan to eventually become one of the world’s richest nations (Leonhardt 2008). Despite the massive economic growth witnessed in the country, polls conducted in Japan showed that the country’s citizenry appeared to become increasingly dissatisfied with their own lives. According to the results of one poll, the overall percentage of persons who happened to provide the most positive of the given possible answers pertaining to the level of satisfaction they were experiencing in their lives actually fell from the averages obtained during the late 1950s through to the early 1970s. It was evidently clear that although the people were richer, they were deemed to apparently not be happier. (Lee & Dwight 2006). The results of this Japanese anomaly are inherently somewhat flawed and money can result in happiness. The truth of this statement was verified by efforts of research conducted by two economists from Brookings Institution in Washington, Mr. Wolfers and Ms. Stevenson who discovered that the original research questions had changed and the most positive answer option that was given by the pollsters was one suggesting that although the respondents weren’t completely happy they were satisfied with their life as it were at the moment. Mr. Easterlin is quoted as writing that â€Å"it can generally

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ACADEMIC RECOGNITION FOR CPD IN TENNIS COACHING MANAGEMENT - Essay Example Extending the discussion in this particular regard, it can be affirmed that continuous learning is one of the imperative aspects, which is associated with an individual. It would be vital to mention that continuous learning in any particular domain not only enhances the skills along with the abilities of an individual but it also ensures the attainment of various goals that set by an individual in his/her lifetime in a comprehensive manner (AL-Busafi &, 2013). The process of continuous learning also enhances the ability of an individual towards dealing with various challenges and problems that arise in his/her life. In this regard, the aspect of continuing/continuous professional development (CPD) will be quite significant to take into concern and discuss. Notably, CPD is an approach of any individual where he/she intends to enhance his/her ability, skills or knowledge with regard to gain noteworthy success in professional aspect. CPD also signifies the continuous ability of an individual to augment his/her skills and abilities in the professional domain altogether. The importance of CPD in various domain of professional periphery can also be signified from the aspect that it is visible in almost every professional domain throughout the globe. CPD is also considered as quite important as it is regarded as a structured approach of an individual towards gaining maximum and uninterrupted learning to develop himself or herself in becoming muc h competent towards various noteworthy practices. These practices often possess the capability towards leading individuals in their professional development by a considerable extent. CPD can be both formal/ structured as well as informal/self-directed based on the situation a person is in and the desire to conduct the same. In order to acquire a comprehensive understanding in

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Voting and High School Essay Example for Free

Voting and High School Essay Background of the Study The era of computer system has spread very fast, wide and extreme conduct of required data. Voting System for the Central Board of Student High School Department in San Sebastian College Recoletos – Manila is still using the manual process, now the proponents are ready to change the free of manual using process. This study would help them with this attributes efficiency, convenience and security not just to the integrity of voting but also the protections of the high school student voters. Based on DepED Order No. 79, s. 2009 Revised Standard Constitution and By-Laws of Supreme Student Governments in Secondary Schools signed by Secretary Jesli A. Lapus â€Å" that the significant roe, and contributions of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) in the school and in line with Students Government Program (SGP) of the Department of Education-Center for Students and Co-Curricular Affairs (DepED-CSCA), the enclosed Revised Standard Constitution and By-Laws is hereby issued for implementation in all Secondary School.† Since the beginning of elections in San Sebastian College- Recoletos High School Department,there are different problems such as fraud ,cheating , and slow process of counting ballots and human errors which can’t be removed to the mind of the voters. But the proponents believe that those irregularities will not break the will and heart of a true sebastinian. Voting must be exercised freely, safely and intelligently within voting precints. As in the present of how is the process of voting in the existing voting system works manually, manual election usually takes a long time before proclaiming the winning candidate while computerized election usually takes a short period of time before proclaiming the winning candidate. Voters will write the name of their chosen candidate in an piece of paper given by the committee and it will be placed inside a ballot box, At the end of the voting period, the assigned canvassers will count the votes manually and thus it result to human errors and slow process of tallying of votes, in order to pursue a secure and honest election, it is the function of the proponents to provide the students the means to credible system of election. Proponents define manual election as a system that counts votes using paper audits stored by a ballot box. Objectives of the Study 1. The general objective of the study is to develop an automated based voting system for San Sebastian College-Recoletos High School Department. Specific Objectives 1. The main objective of this research is to develop automated based voting system for the San Sebastian College-Recoletos High School Department. 2. It will provide a faster and easy way to vote candidates during the voting season. 3. It will ease the pain of providing hundreds of ballots but this system will totally will remove the cost and effort of printing ballots. 4. It will secure the confidential information about the result of the last election. 5. To introduce an automated voting system for San Sebastian College-Recoletos High School Department. 6. To provide a user friendly system for the high school students. 7. To employ a more organized and accurate way of electing a new board members for the high school department. Scope and Delimitation of the Study The Proponents will develop a voting system that prepares a voting process for San Sebastian College-Recoletos High School Department by creating a computer based voting system that will help the commissioners count the number of votes. 1. Voters can also see the pictures of the candidates while voting and because of that can easily identify to whom they will give their vote. 2. The System has a back-up system to save the number of votes. 3. It will only take 5 minutes for the students to vote to avoid wasting of time. 4. It has a log in security attempt limited for 3 times. 5. The proponents are planning to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to realize the goal. The coverage of this study is from June to Sept 2013. 6. The researchers limit the study to Sebastian College-Recoletos High School Department. 7. The candidates are not allowed to manipulate their number of votes; the election commissioners cannot alter the voting process. 8. This system has a delimitation that the users should know, the system doesn’t have a print out of ballots. Definition of Terms Automation – process which involves the electronics and computer technology which the participation of human is less. Automated Voting System – A technology which is much faster and efficient more than the old voting system, it also involves the participation of information and communication technology individuals. Ballot – A tangible thing wherein the cast of votes writes here. Also exists in old voting/electoral process. Ballot Box – A tangible thing wherein the votes of the voters stores here for counting. Canvassers – An individual who canvass votes and plays a vital role in old voting system. Election Commission – In charge of overseeing the implementation of election procedures. Inquiry – process that has the aim of augmenting knowledge, resolving doubt, or solving a problem. Precincts – a table, place where you will vote.

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Peter Tosh and Nelson Mandela Fighting from Opposite Corners Essay

Peter Tosh and Nelson Mandela Fighting from Opposite Corners The Prize: Equal Rights Peter Tosh and Nelson Mandela are two men who dedicated their lives to fight for equal rights. They are united by common goals but walked on different paths in their struggles against the oppressors. The major commonality, which made both men brilliant leaders and revolutionary thinkers, was their passion. The passion they had for their beliefs and turning their visions into reality. Tosh and Mandela’s divergent approaches started during their youth and followed both individuals through a lifetime struggle. Peter Tosh was born on October 9, 1944 in Westmoreland, Jamaica. Born with the name Winston Huburt McIntosh, curtsey of his absent churchgoing preacher father James McIntosh and mothered by Alvera Coke, Tosh found himself alone in the world. Peter faced the hardships of Jamaican country life including lack of supervision and a poor economic standing. Immediately challenged as a child, he was watched by his aunt but claimed that he raised himself. Peter always took responsibility for his actions and never relied on others for help. Self-reliance was the strongest characteristic trait gained during this period. The separation from his parents deeply rooted his need for finding peace in this world. "I was born raised in righteousness, not to say that my parents was righteous, because they did not know righteousness. They were being led away to a shitstem, or being deceived by deceivers, you see, because they wanted to know what was righteousness" (Holmes and Steffens, Reasoning with Tosh). Tosh negatively associated his parents with all that is bad in society and that which one must never become. He chose at a young age to live his life ... ...Piersons, Leroy Jodie and Steffens, Roger. Discography/Track Notes: Peter Tosh — Honorary Citizen. Honorary Citizen Box Set. Sony Music Entertainment Inc., 1997. 15) Steffens, Roger. "The Peter Tosh Biography." Honorary Citizen Box Set. Sony Music Entertainment Inc., 1997. 16) Stepping Razor Red X, The Peter Tosh Story. Nicholas Cambpell, 1992, Northern Art Entertainment. Inc. 17) Tosh, Peter. "Peter Tosh: Honorary Citizen". Sony Music Entertainment Inc., 1997. 18) Tosh, Peter. "Peter Tosh at Sunsplash 1980" The Beat Magazine, 1989. 19) Tosh, Peter. "Herb" High Times Magazine, September 1976. 20) Unknown Reporter. The Weekend Star, Friday, July 4. 1980 21) Walker, John. "Tough Tosh." Trouser Press Interview, 1983. 22) White, Timothy. "In the Path of the Steppin’ Razor." Web: 23), Mandela Notes

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Bill Recommendation Essay

Is it a good idea for those individuals convicted of armed robbery to receive double the sentence that it is now? In my opinion the answer is no. Policy making in the field of criminal justice is extremely vital to society. Punishments can be very confusing in the fact of what is appropriate. What is too much and what is too little? There have been many studies that show that there is little or no deterrent of crime such as armed robbery when the punishment is a long sentence to prison. The reason for this lack of deterrent is because the person who is committing the crime or crimes knows what is at stake, yet he or she chooses to commit the robbery anyway. This is because the gains of that robbery outweigh the prison sentence. The main purpose of this bill is to stop or at least lessen the amount of armed robbery that is being committed by putting those who commit the crime behind bars for a longer period of time. This seems like a good idea at first glance. However there is more to this proposition. Lengthening the prison sentence is being used as a deterrent or to simply take the bad guys off the street for longer. This has not worked in the past and will not work now. Facing a long sentence has not deterred robbery from happening. If prison sentencing was enough robbery would not be around in society especially not as frequent as it is today. According to a study done by the FBI in 2006 447,403 robberies were reported to the police, which equals out to a rate of one robbery per minute in the United States (McGoey, 2014). The punishment for robbery can be up to 25 years in the United States. Doubling that and making the sentence 50 years will hardly make any change in the robbery rate. If anything it would just cause the jails and prisons to  become overpopulated quicker, costing taxpayers more money. Bill Recommendation There are more effective ways to address a crime than make the punishments more intense or longer. The classic school of criminology is what I base my recommendation on. In the late 1700’s, which are the time that the classical school came about, the punishment for crimes was extremely cruel and would be seen today as barbaric. Cesare de Beccaria and Jeremy Bentham played a tremendous role in the theory of criminology and criminal justice today would not be where it is without them. Their main focus was to lessen the harsh punishments implemented by the judicial system at the time (Schmalleger, 2012). Cesare de Baccaria believed that preventing crimes would benefit a society more than punishing someone who committed a crime. This belief was the driving force of the classic school of criminology. He believed the punishment should fit the crime for instance theft should be punished through the use of fines and crimes that cause personal injury to be punished by corporal punishment. This would, in turn he believed, prevent these crimes from happening. Jeremy Bentham viewed crime a little differently than Beccaria. Bentham was viewed as a utilitarian. He believed that the punishment for any crime must be that of the greater good for the community. Basically stating that any pain being used as a punishment towards an offender must be justified to benefit the good of the society. Modern criminal justice still holds its foundation in that of the classic school of criminology. Having said that, long prison sentences do act as a major deterrent for many criminals, but poses a major conflict of ideas to that of the classic school of thought due to the fact that crimes are committed based on free will and rational thinking. There are Bill Recommendation many factors such as emotional instability in s sudden moment, and mental and physical disorders that a longer prison sentence simply would not abolish. There is also the very likely chance that drugs and or alcohol is involved.  If the offender is being driven by an addiction nothing, surely not a longer prison sentence is going to persuade his or her decision (Schmalleger, 2012) With all of that being said, the answer to decreasing crime, more specifically armed robbery, a longer prison sentence is not the answer. The question at hand is: what is the answer? This is a question that is going to be debated as long as crime is resent in the population. Juvenile criminals usually mature into adult criminals, so perhaps putting more criminal emphasis on juvenile crime must be done. In addition to everything, it is well known that drugs are the foundation of many crimes. Drugs are responsible for many thefts and robberies, and more time behind bars is not going to make a drug addict think twice before robbing someone. More emphasis needs to be put on the war on drugs and alcohol addiction. Put the taxpayers money to good use by stopping the spread of drugs, not on paying for more people inside if jails. Lets stop the robberies from happening. References McGoey, C.E. (2014). Robbery Facts: Violent Crime Against Persons. Retrieved from http://www.crimedoctor Schmalleger, F. (2012). Criminology Today: An Integrative Introduction (6th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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Willy Loman And His American Dream - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1251 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/06/24 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Death Of A Salesman Essay Did you like this example? Death of a Salesman In earlier years the American dream is what everyone lived for. So many get rich schemes to come out on top was the plan. Like the music industry with Joe Jackson, his American dream was his kids and the music industry. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Willy Loman And His American Dream" essay for you Create order He fought so hard and worked even harder for his children to come out on top. It worked and now his last name is the biggest household name when it comes to music. Although in Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller, he conveys a message about trying to secure the American dream through Willy Loman using his family as a pawn in his plans, and also losing his sanity while doing so, which eventually led to Willyrs demise. Arthur Miller attended the University of Michigan, where he began writing plays as a young freshman and also studied Greek literature and earned a bachelorrs degree in English in 1938 (Built Like Adonises). His many works of fiction during a career that lasted almost seventy years novels, plays, and short stories are justly revered for their ironic and multilayered meanings (Built Like Adonises) . Miller gives him some knowledge of western literature and a few of its primal stories and themes (Built Like Adonises). In Death of a Salesman Willy Loman goes throughout the play zoning in and out of reality and the real world. He is having the fight of his life because he wants to live the American Dream, but it is truly breaking his family apart. His two sons Biff and Happy, and also his wife is up for an intense ride. More importantly Biff is getting the most problems from his father, because he was supposed to be the meal ticket for the family. Willy thought of as many get rich schemes as he can because he wanted to be rich like his brother. Biff is the only one that had something going for his self. In one of the flashbacks you can see Biff in his prime as the high school football star. In this particular flashback, Biff is seen throwing the ball around with his father and brother. The neighbor comes out to let Biff know, that he needs to study because he is on the brink of failing math. Biff would not listen and continued to play out in the yard. Biff not only was failing classes, he also was s tealing (Miller, Arthur). Eventually Willy goes on a trip to sale as usual, but he ends up in his hotel room with his mistress. Biff ended up coming to meet his father, so they could meet with the teacher about Biffrs failing grades. After short conversation Biff finds out that there is another woman there because she reveals herself. Willy kicks the mistress out of the hotel room and gives her two pairs of stockings that is supposed to be for his wife. The son is so hurt by the actions of his dad, that they get into a big fight in the middle of the room, and then Biff storms off. His football career is ruined, because he fails the class (Miller, Arthur). This little encounter puts a strain on the father son duo, because of how Willy continues to mistreat his wife even after being caught in the act. He is trying so hard to be something he is not, by living a double life wasting money on women instead of providing for his family. The family is already behind on bills, and Willy isnt really making any sales. Later on in the story though, Willy tries to use Biff again to make money since he is having trouble. Willy gets so down that it shows his previous attempts at trying to take his own life. His wife is hurt because no matter how hard she tries to cater to Willy and make him happy things just get worse and worse. Linda tries to be a peacemaker for all of the boys, but she just cant seem to get them to get along which is slowly tearing the family apart. Happy does not really seem to care for Willy because Biff is the favorite child, and that alone causes more rift in the Loman family. Life in the 1940rs was not as we see times of today. It was not until the later 40rs when things were popping again. Door-to-door salespeople has to contend with the up and coming world of great technology. People had all kind of big dreams for themselves and their families. Some were brought to fruition and some died before being seen to the end. Door to door salesman were usually the head of their households and their income was the only one they had, so the name of their game was to hustle to out sale the other salesmen with their charisma. Willy put himself on a very high pedestal and that pedestal did come crumbling down. However, Willy was failing as a great salesman and Mr. Miller had Willy living in a cloud that was really unsuccessful. Knowing Willy was the breadwinner of his household mad Miller look bad(Miller, Arthur). Willy has a very understanding and patient wife which in these days has shenanigans would not be tolerated by wives of today. Throughout the entire play he would go back and forth in time and it leaves a lot to your thought process. It takes a lot to make a dream come true and with Willyrs thought process it makes it even harder to accomplish the dreams he had set forth for his boys, Biff and Happy. Selling merchandise these days has fierce competition compared to the 1940rs and 1950rs. They kind of remind me of Edith and Archie Bunker and their meager way of living. Willy recalled the death of a real salesman as he called it when an 84-year-old salesman/colleague could pick up a phone and make a call and get sales in 31 states while wearing his greenhouse slippers and thatrs the way he died in his green velvet slippers probably making a call to one of his clients (Miller, Arthur). Willy wanted his sons to be successful in whatever they did but he was never satisfied with the careers that they had chosen and always complained about it. He never complimented them on anything. He also complained about how his wife Linda did everything. I guess Willy was the kind of man that wanted everything to be perfect and his familyrs life was far from perfect. At the end of the story, Biff Loman he former all-star quarterback and all-around golden boy of his senior class, announces much the same intentions (All I want is Out There). After the death of his father, Biff will say goodbye once and for all to the crowded, noisy city that he never loved, never wanted to live in or work in as a grown man (All I want is Out There). He tried for years to escape the urban East and all that it represents to him, but he could not because of his fatherrs dreams (All I want is out). In the end, Biff will go back to Texas, this time for good, and once he is out there amid the horses, the cattle, the freedom, and the big skies, he will finally live out the kind of life† a physically demanding one† that he has desired ever since he left his Brooklyn high school all those years before (Miller, Arthur).